Purchasing a license to use the media on this site from us, you acknowledge that no transfer of copyright exists, and you are purchasing a license to use the media as per the terms set out in this agreement.


Our standard license agreement is the Royalty-Free license which means you pay for the image only once and then you can use the image as many times as you like, with just a few restrictions. This is a one-person license and can be used only by the account owner or his employee, for the company’s own projects or clients and cannot be transmitted to another party. Royalty Free licensed images can be used on websites, TV-programmes, for educational projects, in magazines, newspapers, books or booklets, covers for books, flyers, games and any advertising and promotional materials, in either printed or electronic media.

You may require extra rights granted by our Extended Licenses for web templates, greeting cards or postcards especially designed for sale, similar print-on-demand services, canvas, t-shirts, mugs, mouse pads or any other items incorporating the image in an essential manner, intended to be sold or given for free. You may also need an extended license if the same image is used by several employees in your company.

If you need one that can be trademarked, please contact us to custom work.
You can always upgrade the standard license to extended.

1. Royalty Free License:

You pay for the image only once and then you can use it as many times as you like there are no license fees except the initial fee and no other royalties to be paid except those included in the initial cost the maximum number of copies for printed materials is 500,000 copies. Additional royalties of $0.01 per copy are to be paid if this amount is exceeded the Royalty-Free license is granted ONLY for the high-resolution, non-watermarked image the free files downloaded from the Free Photos section may be used in commercial projects under our limited RF-LL license is a one-person license and is given to you as a designer, your employer (client) or any employed persons.

2. Extended License:

They are licenses that extend the rights given with the regular Royalty Free license. Unless otherwise specified the restrictions imposed by the RF license still apply.

  • Increase Max Copies – extends our regular Royalty Free license to an unlimited amount of printed copies.
  • Web Usage – electronic Items for Resale: this license includes the right to use the photos for web templates that are sold to more customers, screensavers, e-cards, PowerPoint presentations or as wallpapers on cell phones. Maximum number of electronic items is 10,000 copies (applies as a total of each type of usage). If this amount is exceeded you need to acquire this license once again. The new license will provide you with the standard amount of copies.
  • Print Usage – Physical Items for Resale: includes the right to use the photos for t-shirts, postcards, greeting cards, mugs, mouse pads, posters, calendars, framed artwork that is to be sold to other customers for a maximum amount of 10,000 copies (applies as a total of each type of usage). If this amount is exceeded you need to acquire this license once again. The new license will provide you with the standard amount of copies.


The Licensee/End User agrees that:

  • Image may not be used as trademark, service mark or logo unless copyright release is purchased
  • Copyright remains with me even if the licenced image is incorporated into other images or media.
  • Images will not be sub-licensed, assigned, transferred, given away, made available via on-line or other database, this includes facebook, flickr and similar sharing sites
  • The exception to this is if you have licensed the image for a client (e.g. website, advertising) when you must keep detailed records and make them available to the Copyright holder if requested. This is only likely to be required should an IP query arise. You may use the licensed image for one client. Should you wish to use the same image for another client you must licence it again.
  • Once you have completed payment for the license to use the Image, you are granted a non-exclusive, non-transferable right to use and reproduce the image in printed materials, or any electronic or digital form. In the latter case, each image should be incorporated into a design in such a manner to make it clear that the image is not intended to be separately downloaded, copied, or distributed and the image size in use must less than 800 pixels on the longest side. “Non-transferable” means that the work you produce using a licensed Image must be for your own use, or if purchased on behalf of your employer or client, your employer or client must be the end-user of your work. You may not sell, rent, loan, give, sublicense, or otherwise transfer to anyone the Image, or the right to use an Image, and nothing you produce shall grant or purport to grant to any third party a right to use or duplicate an Image. You agree to take all commercially reasonable steps to prevent third parties from duplicating or distributing the Image.

By using this site for any purpose you agree to be bound by these licensing terms and conditions.